The development of new musical dimensions, cross-over arts and performative experiences make me passionate and lead to surprising results.

- Franziska Kuba 



In 2018 Franziska Kuba became choirmaster of the Vocalconsort Leipzig.

The choir is widely known for its insightful and lively interpretations of sacral and secular choir music.

The choir's musical focus lies on renaissance and (early) baroque music whereas premiers or contemporary music build an interesting contrast.

Additionally, they perform cross-over programs to trespass boundaries on a regular basis.

Touring internationally underlines the choir's good reputation.


In 2017, Franziska Kuba was admitted to the Dirigentenforum's first orientation stage of the German Musikrat.

This program allows young conductors to work with prestigious and professional choirsand to meet international famous conductors.

She already participated in masterclasses by Michael Gläser and Jörg-Peter Weigle.

In this context she worked with the NDR-Chor and the Philharmonischer Chor Berlin.


Alongside private students, Franziska Kuba has been lecturing choir conducting since summer semester 2017 at the Musikhochschule Freiburg.

Her students are going to be school and church musicians.

Teaching broadens her knowledge of conducting techniques and leads her to new experiences.




For the exhibition "A Requiem for a failed State", taking place at Halle 14/Baumwollspinnerei, the Leipzig artist Carsten Säger decided to concentrate on Paul Dessau's "Requiem für Lumumba". Patrice Lumumba was the first Congolese prime minister of the freed and former Belgian colony and was persecuted and murdered in 1961. Paul Dessau, who then lived in the GDR, composed the Requiem in his memory. It was first performed and recorded by the MDR-Chor in 1963.

Franziska Kuba led the rehearsals for the exhibition in which singers and speakers would improvise, repeat and listen to the recording from 1963.




The Leipzig ensemble consists of professional singers and strings and focuses on the interpretation of early and new music.

Both genres, early and new music, do not only want beautiful sounds but focus more on the emotional expression. Neue Kammer wants to offer and extend the bridge between these periods.

Franziska Kuba is the leader of Neue Kammer.


For the season 2018/2019, Franziska Kuba is engaged as choirmaster at the Schauspielhaus Leipzig.

Artist director Enrico Lübbe is in charge of the production of Faust I and II.

Music therefore is especially composed by Peer Baierlein.

Singers from Leipzig who are enthusiastic being on stage, form the choir.